Why book an MOT?

Every car over three years old requires an annual MOT test and an MOT certificate to legally stay on the road. Miss your MOT, and you’ll risk receiving a fine, points added to your licence, or even a driving ban. But there’s more than just a legal reason to book it in.

MOTs are vital in making sure your car is roadworthy and safe for you to drive. During your test, we’ll:

  • Check your lights, mirrors, windscreen, wipers, washer bottle and other elements that affect how well you see on the road
  • Inspect key systems like steering and suspension
  • Investigate elements that are critical for your safety, like seatbelts and brakes
  • Look at the efficiency of your fuel system, and your emissions
  • Take a look at your wheels, tyres, seats and bodyworks
  • Test your horn… that’s the fun part!
It’s quick and easy to arrange a repair, service or MOT
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Why Chequers Cars Workshop?

Arrange your next MOT with us, and you’ll enjoy:

  • A unique, personal service that shows we really care about you and your vehicle
  • Trusted guidance from specialists with over 80 years of combined experience
  • Diagnostics with the most pioneering technology and innovative techniques
  • The highest quality parts, installed at the best possible value
  • Complete peace of mind that only necessary work is carried out

How can I prepare for my MOT?

We’d hate for you to fail your MOT or pay out on items that you can easily address yourself at home.

Avoid unnecessary work at the garage by checking your own lightbulbs, screen wash and wipers just before your test.

Though if you’re not sure how, or you simply don’t have time, we’ll be happy to do this for you.